Why License?

Going Vertical is a unique sports business which is innovative, exciting, and on the cutting edge of the sports market. Take advantage of Going Verticals five year development timeline and hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment.

The concept of licensing vs. franchising allows significant freedoms to the owner and generally recognizes that while Going Vertical is a great start and shortcut, the commitment of the owner and his/her staff that makes it all work, and with that work the financial rewards should be theirs!

Benefits of Licensing
  • Reach marketplace quicker with a proven business model
  • Eliminate start up mistakes
  • Comprehensive customer support from Licensor
  • Participate in growing nationwide network of Going Vertical Licenses
  • Ongoing development of more advanced training methods
  • Equipment discount opportunities

Included in Licence

  • Over 5 Years of Development - Our strategy to meet projections is aggressive. Our program provides examples for; Advertising, Marketing, Mailings, Flyers, Brochures, Athletic Testing programs, and much more.
  • Protocol Training Trainers will learn the application of over 50 progressive protocols for optimum enhancement of performance.
  • Administration Training - This training includes software training, statistical analysis, database control, customer service, staffing and much more.
  • Protocol Training- We have over 50 progressive protocols with 5 years of development